Best Broadband in Kerala

When searching for the best internet connection in Kerala, your priority should be to go with ISPs offering the fastest broadband connection. The best ISP is one who also offers the fastest broadband services. For smooth, uninterrupted live video streaming or downloading large files, you need access to a high speed network that ensures uninterrupted connections with smooth delivery of high speed internet.

The best internet connection in Kerala should also offer internet packages that are affordable as well as compatible with your high speed internet needs. Ideally, the speeds you pay for are the speeds you should be getting at all times. After all, it can get very upsetting to suddenly have your high speed network go down on you, right when you are in the middle of something important.

As the internet has become so integral to modern living, you will need to search for the best ISP in your area offering high speed network. All this and more means that your search for the best ISP shouldn’t just end with a promise of fastest broadband speeds or a high speed network, but also include 24×7 effective customer servicesthat will respond if your high speed internet starts to dwindle.

Our Features

Asianet Broadband takes pride in providing our customers with a comprehensive list of features, ensuring seamless and enjoyable online experiences. The company’s services are designed with customers in mind, prioritizing speed, security, and convenience. Whether you’re streaming your favourite shows, gaming, or browsing the web, you can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable online experience without any hiccups.

Our list of features includes

  • Reliable internet speeds for streaming, gaming, and browsing without hiccups
  • Robust fiber-optic network for unwavering connectivity
  • Security features including secure browsing for a safe digital experience
  • 24/7 customer support team available to address concerns and queries
  • Flexible and affordable plans to cater to various customer needs
  • User-friendly self-care portal for managing accounts, viewing data usage, and paying bills with ease.

By choosing Asianet Broadband, you’re joining a community of satisfied customers who trust our services for all their internet needs.

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Corporate Plans

Asianet, a leading provider of corporate plans, offers affordable solutions for businesses managing information or selling online.  

Choose Asianet’s Corporate Plans for expert, friendly support, and round-the-clock assistance.

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Fastest Fiber Broadband in Kerala

Asianet Broadband, the best fiber broadband in Kerala, offers exceptional high-speed internet through its state-of-the-art fibernet technology. As the fastest fiber broadband provider in the region, Asianet ensures seamless connectivity, catering to a variety of user needs, from casual browsing to high-bandwidth tasks. With a range of tailor-made fiber broadband plans, customers can choose the perfect option for their specific requirements. Experience reliable and uninterrupted internet with Asianet’s fiber broadband, changing the way Kerala stays connected online. Trust in Asianet’s commitment to delivering top-notch high-speed internet services for an unparalleled browsing experience.

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Wifi Connection for Home

Asianet Broadband is a reliable provider of unlimited Wi-Fi connection for home, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted internet access for every household. Catering to diverse needs, Asianet offers a range of broadband internet for home plans that prioritize speed, affordability, and reliability. With easy installation and exceptional customer support, Asianet Broadband ensures a hassle-free experience for users. Enjoy the freedom of an unlimited Wi-Fi connection, providing seamless connectivity for work, entertainment, and communication needs. Trust Asianet Broadband for a fast, reliable, and user-friendly home internet experience that keeps you connected to the digital world.

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Unlimited Broadband Internet Plans

Asianet Broadband offers the best internet plans for users who require reliable and fast internet access. With their unlimited broadband internet plans, customers can enjoy uninterrupted browsing, streaming, and downloading without worrying about data caps or speed throttling. These plans provide excellent value for money and come with attractive unlimited broadband deals to suit different budgets and usage patterns. Whether you are a heavy user or just looking for basic connectivity, Asianet Broadband has a plan that is right for you. Sign up today and experience the freedom of unlimited broadband internet access.

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Best Wifi Broadband Connection in Kerala

If you’re looking for a reliable wifi service provider in Kerala, look no further than Asianet Broadband. They offer the best wifi broadband connection in Kerala with a range of wifi plans to suit your needs and budget. Their wireless broadband connection is fast, affordable, and offers excellent coverage, making it perfect for both residential and commercial use. You can choose from a variety of wifi plans at competitive wifi connection prices. With Asianet Broadband, you can enjoy the best wifi in Kerala without any interruption. Sign up today for the best wifi connection and experience uninterrupted browsing and streaming.


  • How can I buy a new broadband connection?
    Buying a new broadband connection from Asianet Broadband is easy. Visit our website, choose a plan, and fill out the necessary details. You can also call our customer care to know more about the plans and offers. A technician will install the connection at your doorstep.
  • Which is the better option - broadband or Wi-Fi?
    Broadband and Wi-Fi are not interchangeable options. Broadband refers to the type of internet connection, while Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that allows connecting devices to the internet without cables. Asianet Broadband offers both broadband and Wi-Fi services, so you can choose the best option depending on your needs.
  • What should I keep in mind when choosing a broadband internet service provider in Kerala?
    When choosing a broadband internet service provider in Kerala, consider factors like speed, reliability, pricing, customer service, and additional features like security and parental controls. At Asianet Broadband, we offer fast and reliable internet, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and value-added features to enhance your online experience.
  • How does Asianet Broadband internet connection stand out for home use?
    Asianet Broadband's internet connection stands out for home use with its fast and reliable connectivity, along with affordable pricing and excellent customer service. Choose from a range of plans to suit your usage and budget and enjoy seamless browsing, streaming, and downloading with minimal downtime.
  • What makes Asianet Broadband Fiber a better option than regular broadband connections in Kerala?
    Asianet Broadband Fiber is a better option than regular broadband connections in Kerala because it offers more stable and consistent internet connectivity. Our internet connection ensures minimal downtime, faster downloads and upload speeds. Additionally, our affordable pricing, flexible plans and excellent customer service make us a preferred choice for customers across Kerala.