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Unlimited Broadband Plans in Kerala

With changing lifestyles and greater use of technology, there is an ever-increasing demand for larger data plans to fulfill the needs of the family’, as well as the many internet-enabled household gadgets at home. When scouting for the bestunlimited data plans, do ensure that your ISP also offersthe fastest home internet speeds suitable for live streaming, video watching or playing games.

The best broadband connection for home should offer unlimited internet plans that cater to your increasing internet needs. Go with internet service providers that offer fibernet plansas they are not only more reliable, but also provide the fastest home internet services. Fibernet plans come with the best unlimited data plans that are so convenient for family use.

For those who have relocated to a new area and are on the lookout for the best broadband connection for home use, check if the locality has fibernet cable network available. Its best to go with fibernet plansas they guarantee fastest home internet connectivity and come with thebest unlimited data plans. Aside from this, such unlimited high speed internet plans are not only affordable but also offer great speeds up to 1 Gbps. With such broadband connections, you can rest easy that there wont be any sudden drops in speed, but greater stability instead.

Choose a branded internet service provider that offersconvenient short-term and long-term unlimited high speed internet plans and is backed by a strong 24×7 customer service team.


Super High Consistency in Performance
Serving the Kerala market for over 20 Years
24*7 voice based customer care support
100+ Offices across Kerala for better reach

Our Features

  • Range of plans starting from Rs.499 per month.
  • 4/5/6/12 month plans with additional benefits.
  • Speeds up to 1 GBPS.
  • Hi Speed, Dual band Modems.
  • Voice based customer care 24*7 & offices across Kerala for better reach.
  • Unparalleled reach across over 100 towns in Kerala.
  • Hi speed Fiber Broadband provided across Kerala.

We are the pioneers. Asianet Broadband has been serving the Kerala market for over 20 Years.


The demand for high-speed fiber internet services in Kerala is soaring, and providers are meeting this need with a range of unlimited data plans. With unlimited internet WiFi plans in Kerala, residents can now enjoy seamless connectivity without worrying about data caps. These plans include high-speed broadband and fiber options, ensuring uninterrupted browsing, streaming, and downloads.

Unlimited high-speed home internet plans in Kerala offer the freedom to explore the online world without limitations. Whether for video conferencing, online gaming, or HD video streaming, these plans support multiple devices simultaneously, catering to modern connected households. These plans also benefit students by facilitating digital learning with access to educational resources and online classes.

With unlimited high-speed fiber internet plans in Kerala, users can expect consistent speeds, reliability, and 24/7 customer support. Embrace the power of unlimited high-speed broadband plans in Kerala and unlock a world of possibilities in the digital world.


Terms & Conditions


How Do I Get Asianet Broadband Connection?

To get an Asianet Broadband connection, follow these steps:

  • Contact Asianet via helpline or website to check availability
  • Select a suitable plan based on your needs
  • Prepare required documents (ID, address proof, photos)
  • Submit application online or at Asianet office
  • Schedule installation appointment
  • Technician will install and configure modem/router
  • Connection will be activated

Ensure to inquire about any additional charges or conditions during the application process.