internet connection in kerala

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  • Comprehensive Network Solutions
  • Surveillance and Access Systems
  • Wireless Network Solutions
Surveillance and Access Systems
  • Surveillance Camera Design
  • Surveillance Camera Installation
  • IP Surveillance Systems Design
  • IP Surveillance Systems Installation
  • Access Control Systems Design
  • Access Control Systems installation
Voice Systems
  • Telephone System Design
  • Telephone System Installation
  • Voip Solutions Voip Design
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Unified Communication
Wireless Network Solutions
  • Wireless Network Design
  • Wireless Network Installation
  • Wireless Access Points Indoor & Outdoor
Storage Solutions
  • Storage Area network (SAN)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Solid State Based (SAN)
  • Conventional Storage System
Power Systems and Solutions
  • UPS Design
  • UPS Installation
Network Security Management Systems
  • Firewall Systems
  • AntiSpam Systems
  • Antivirus and Anti-spyware Systems
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Unified Threat Management Systems User/Group
  • Specific Access Control Network
  • Admission Control
Productivity and Bandwidth Management Systems
  • Load Balancing Systems
  • Bandwidth Management Systems
  • Content and Application Filtering
  • Internet Policy and Parental Control
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Network Monitoring, Logging & Auditing
Raised Floor Systems
  • Access Floors for Datacentres
  • Access Floors for Office Spaces
Network Survey and Auditing
  • LAN Survey
  • Network Mapping
  • Network Auditing
  • Site and Network Certification for CAT5e, Cat6 and OTDR
  • Network Testing & Validation
  • Network Labeling and Documentation
Cabinets, Racks and Cable Management Systems
  • Server/Network Rack Systems
  • Cable Management Systems
  • Cable Routing and Trunking System
  • Mechanical Fiber Termination
  • Fusion Splicing of Fiber Points
  • Fiber Routing Systems
  • Outlets for Data/Voice/Video
  • Wiring Accessories
  • Identification Solutions
Allied Services
  • Software Reselling
  • Workstations and Servers
  • Thin Clients
  • CATV Camera Design
  • CATV Camera Installation
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera Installation
Routing and Switching
  • Switching Design
  • Routing Design
Data Centre Networking
  • Data Center Design
  • Data Center Cabling Design
  • Data Center Installation 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Managed Network Systems
  • Power over Ethernet Solutions
  • Intelligent Power Management Systems
  • Cooling Solutions KVM and IP KVM’s
Structured Cabling
  • Structured Cabling System
  • Structured Cabling Solution
  • Structured Cabling Installation
Network Cabling Systems
  • Network Cabling Design
  • Network Cabling Infrastructure
  • Industrial Cabling and Integration Solutions

Corporate Broadband Plans in Kerala

Communication is the focal center of all business activities. In today’s world, internet is crucial for the smooth conduct of business and companies are always on the lookout for best corporate internet plans. Internet providers for business broadband plans ensure that they offer unlimited high speed data plans that make perfect business internet solutions. Most commercial internet providers offercorporate internet plans with a base plan of 1000GB that can go up to 3000GB or more, depending on the technology used by the business ISP (Internet Service Provider).

The cost of corporate internet plans by business broadband providers is also dependent on the speeds required by the corporate company. Business ISP can offer speeds up to 200Mbps, which is ideal for fast-growing corporates. Most commercial internet providers offer fibernet broadband that render unbeatable business internet solutions at stable speeds with minimal disruptions. When choosing an internet provider for business purposes, choose a business ISP that also provides comprehensive, voice-based, 24×7 customer care services. After all, disruptions in internet services mean disruptions in business activities too.

With Kerala being home to a strong IT industry, the need for business broadband providers is on the rise. Most business broadband providers offer business internet solutions with enough high speed data to enable a number of devices to stay connected simultaneously, whether it’s for sharing files, videoconferencing or just accessing the net. To ensure unparalleled services, commercial internet providers use mixed technology, offering both Fiber and DOCSIS for seamless business internet solutions.